Collect ’em all–Les Ballets Trockadero

Already saw “The Black Swan” and hankering for more ballet-related entertainment?

The New York Times has a great story and beautiful slide showabout Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the all-male dance troupe based in New York.

I also recommend the troupe’s website for fun behind-the-scenes videos and profiles of the dancers and their alter egos. There’s also an interview with the troupe’s wardrobe supervisor Kristi Wood who offers plenty of interesting and odd tipbits–including her insistance that after a performance, the dancers do not fling their costumes on the floor. (“They definitely respect the costumes,” she says.)

Les Ballets Trockadero was formed in 1974 to perform classical ballet “in parody and en travesty,” according to the Trocks’ website.Originally an off-off-Broadway favorite, the company now performs around the world.

The troupe performed in several California cities last February, but, sadly, there are no California dates on the 2011 calendar so far. Looks like the Trocks just have a few U.S. performances planned before heading off to Europe. Quelle fromage!


Photo by Deidre Schoo for The New York Times


Photo by Deidre Schoo for The New York Times


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