(The L.A. Times calls this a “delicate diamond bracelet,” but I think it looks more like Carrie Bradshaw meets Jacob the Jeweler.)

Are You King of the World? And do you have at least $189 million and fancy yourself a steward of history? You’re in luck!

On April 11, more than 5,000 items and artifacts recovered from the Titanic will be auctioned off by Guernsey’s Auction House in New York.

This is no eBay auction, the items will not be sold individually and,according to the Los Angeles Times, a court will have to approve the winning bidder—to make sure he or she has the means and drive to preserve and display the collection.

The Times story says there are already “serious-sounding parties,” so if you want the above bracelet or the smart dufflebag (handles not included) pictured below, get on it—and good luck!

(You can see more pieces included in the auction in a slideshow on the L.A. Times’ site.)



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