“A: This is going to be the weirdest wedding ever. D: At least they invited Sad Panda.”

I’m going to have to create a bookmark tab for shopping snark sites like Regretsy, Anthroparodie and now this tumblr site: Heavy Browsing. (Hat Tip to the always entertaining blog The Hairpin.)

Founders Divya and Alison (no relation—but shout out for the proper spelling!) are self-described avid and advanced shoppers who offer tag-team snappy comments for some of the WTF items found while browsing online. Snark comes with photos, prices, availability and a link to the original site.

A few selects from the site:

D: New Year’s Resolution: Do something about those saddlebags.
A: Other miniskirts just don’t have the storage capability I need when I’m hiking.
Price:  $1895
Availability:  In Stock
(via The Outnet)

D: That’s one way to keep your ankles warm. Another way: normal length pants.
A: Did she belt cats to her ankles? That’s animal abuse.
Price:  $158     Availability:  In Stock
(via Yoox)



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