Who knew Urban Outfitters was so political?

The Philadelphia–based hipster retail chain has a line of presidential candidate T-shirts depicting Mitt Romney playing football (and as an oven mitt) and Barak Obama as a basketball player.


Salon (which tipped me off to the political tees) says the retail chain’s founder Richard Hayne, is a Rick Santorum fan. So, I took a look around the Urban Outfitters website to see if there were any leftover Rick Santorum tees showing the former presidential candidate playing, oh, I don’t know, golf or water polo. No luck. Nor did I find any shots of former contender Rick Perry as a skeet shooter or playing pro bridge. But I did find these:


Perhaps they’re going for something more subtle. But after more digging, I determined that subtlety is out. Ron Paul, however, is definitely still in.


In fact, politics in general, is in, judging from the “Political Party” tee. But I think, ultimately, Urban Outfitters summed up its stance with the “Political Pint” glass.



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