The Crab Nebula—so pretty and packing a punch, apparently (NASA photo)

Astronomers and other space junkies are all agog over the Crab Nebula’s spectacular light show this week.

For those of you—like me—who did NOT major in astrophysics, the Crab Nebula has a pulsar—or the core of a long-dead star—at its center., which gives the nebula its pretty, pulsing (get it?) colors. Apparently, this week, the pulsar in the center of the Crab Nebula shot our more than 100 billion electron volts of gamma-ray beams, or as MSNBC put it, “a million times more energetic than medical X-rays and 100 billion times stronger than visible light.” Yikes! What does it mean? I don’t know. Neither do scientists, which makes me feel better.

But you have to admit that the Crab Nebula’s light show is impressive…and, well, pretty.

So you can see, how I (who majored in textiles) would immediately think: “That would make a great print.”

And since, I just happen to have an office full of textile swatches from my recent textile trend piece, I pulled a few that are downright…Crab Nebulous.

Don’t you agree?


Again, the Crab Nebula (NASA photo)


Triple Textile #N-202-N


D&N Textiles #4418


Textile Secrets International Inc. “Day & Night”


Nipkow & Kobelt Inc. #SW10349

Want more? NASA has daily space pics here.


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