Photo by Jeff Newton

Actually, this is the super-high-tech suit Felix Baumgartner will wear when he jumps from a helium balloon from 23 miles above earth. Commercial planes fly 6 miles to not quite 8 miles up. Chump change to skydiver/base jumper/daredevil Baumgartner.

PopSci has all the details on the tricked-out suit including special valves to regulate pressure and pump Baumgartner full of pure oxygen; a g-force meter with a safety valve that releases a parachute if the skydiver starts to spin out, a voice transmitter and receiver and hi-def video camera (presumably so he can get this baby on YouTube right away); and a heated face shield that will keep his breath from crystallizing when temperatures hit 70 below.

The four-layer suite has a top layer of Nomex, which acts as a fire retardant and an insulator.

Red Bull is sponsoring the suit and the jump, which is supposed to happen sometime this year.

Baumgartner is nuts. But his suit is cool.

Photo by Jeff Newton

Published April 25, 2012 aty