Michele Collet has a piece about Heinz Maier’s water-splash images on Environmental Graffiti

Inspiration can be found in a bottle, apparently. Crowd-sourced online magazine Environmental Graffiti has beautiful collection of images by Heinz Maier of water droplets shot at high speeds. Writer Michele Collet narrates the images—and gave the piece its inspired headline, “20 Incredible Snapshots of Water Splashes That Look Like Hats.”

Like the image above? There are 19 more here.

I love discovering sites like these—hat tip to The Hairpin.Environmental Graffiti is a British online publication that allows writers and artists to contribute content on a wide range of topics—everything from “Art and Design” to “Environmental News” and “Extreme Sports.” Then readers are asked to rate the stories. High-ranking stories get pushed to the front page.

It’s an easy place to find inspiration—or just get lost looking for it. And I lurve the logo on the “About Us” page (see below)—and the tagline: “You control the news, the news does not control you.”


Published Nov.  30, 2011 at