JMJohnson 1910viaShorpy

J.M. Johnson, 1910 (via

Sorry, you cannot hire these men for your lookbook. However, you will find a treasure trove of vintage men’s fashion. And some 19th-century beefcake.

I stumbled across this Tumblr site and the name alone made me laugh: My Daguerrotype Boyfriend. Featuring surprisingly attractive famous people as well as plenty of unknown handsome men, the blog lets people upload their own images and make comments. The archive goes back to mid-2011 and there’s a fun Separated at Birth (and 125 years or so) section.

WilliamBankierauthor IdealPhysicalCulture1900sophisticated-tourettes
William Bankier, author of “Ideal Physical Culture,” 1900 (via Sophisticated-Turrettes)

Boxer Ching Hook, 1888 (UK National Archives)

Unknown Japanese man, 19th century (via The PeacockSkirt)

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