Colour-In Dress (photo by Sander Marsman)

Ever find the perfect dress but wish it came in a different color? Dutch designer Berber Soepboer’s “Colour-In Dress” solves that problem. Created with graphic designer Michiel Schuuman, the dress can be customized with textile markers. “Everybody can interpret the print the way they like it best,” Soepboer explains on her website, where you can buy the dress for 300 euros.

Colour-In Dress (photo by Sander Marsman)

The “Colour-In Dress” was one of several Soepboer/Schuuman projects created for an exhibition about Dutch textile factory DePloeg. For the show, the two also created “Replacement Dresses”, which are made from printed panels of fabric held together with buttons. Each panel can be removed and replaced with another in a different fabric design.


Replacement Dresses (photo by Sander Marsman)

The convertible concept continues in an intriguing series of designs Soepboaer and Schuurman created for a sustainable fashion project for Premsela, the Netherlands Institute of Fashion and Design. The pieces start as a square of fabric featuring graphic textile prints designed by Schuurman.

Each design represents a step in the production process—to remind the wearer of “the number of parties involved in the process, and thus how many people should earn money on a single piece.”

These “Product Pieces” can be folded into a jacket, skirt or apron based on traditional costumes.
The video below shows how to fold the fabric into the finished piece.

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