Diane Von Furstenberg released a nifty fashion week video on YouTube—shot using Google Glasses, the buzzy interactive wearable computer people are talking about. The glasses are essentially a mini computer aimed right at your eye, allowing you to read text, look at photos–and, apparently, shoot fashion videos. If you’re Diane Von Furstenberg, that is. (Hat tip to LA Biz Observed).

The DVF video is great fun—taking you behind the scenes before, during and after the show. And–most remarkably—the designer outfitted several models with the glasses right before they hit the catwalk, so you get to see a runway show from a whole new vantage point. Von Furstenberg also wears the glasses for her runway bow—for those of you who ever wondered what it would be like to wave to a packed house of international editors, retailers and celebrities.


I can’t wear these to a fashion show–do they come in sunglasses? (photo from The Washington Post)

The glasses will be generally available by the end of the year (or maybe in early 2013). I’m not sure what the ultimate cost will be—I’ve seen prices quoted from $200 up to $600.

Not sure how you’d use the glasses? I mean, assuming you are not Diane Von Furstenberg. Google released a video showing the possibilities for the average coffee-drinking, ukulele-playing, just kicking-it-in-New York guy.

Published Sept. 13, 2012 at ApparelNews.net