Curious about the history of pants, but short on time?

Myriapod Productions wrote the book on pants–or rather, they animated it.  The New York–based film company put together this nifty animated short, which gives you a brief history of the word pants—from  Saint Pantaleon to pantalone to pantaloons to pants.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Pants from Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.

The film is part of Myriapod Production’s entymological studies called Mysteries of the Vernacular. There will be 26 films in all—one for each latter of the alphabet (I wonder what they’ll choose for X!) They’re already done Assassin and Hearse, so, it’s not necessarily going to be a fashion term.)

According to Myriapod’s Vimeo site, each one takes about 80 hours of research and construction and animation. So if you like the film and want to see more, they ask for donations.

Hat tip to Slate. 

Published Sept. 21, 2012 at