It is not too early to start planning your costume for the 44thannual Comic-Con, set for July 18-20 in San Diego. You’d better hurry if you’re planning to go to Comic-Con’s sister event, the more-indie/less celebrity-laden WonderCon, which gets underway March 29-31 in Anaheim, Calif., this year.

Fortunately for you, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found online (like the image above: I via ComicsAlliance: Edea, cosplayed by Noema85, photo by Synea).

There’s tons of illustrated material on the Anime Fashion a Daytumblr.


I’d love to see someone capture PokeXFashion (recently featured on The Daily Beast) in costume form. The site’s creator, Frances, created the blog in 2011 to “merge his love for Pokémon and fashion,” by adding Pokemon characters seamlessly to editorial and advertising images.


Someone (or several someones) should definitely recreate Phillip Lim’s “Kill the Night” comic book created for his Fall/Winter 2012/2013 show and launched at last year’s Fashion’s Night Out.


There’s also Comic Book Fashion Tumblr, which created outfits based on well-known comic characters (and they take requests!) Sorry, non-cross-dressing guys, all fashions are “female-oriented.”


And don’t miss Fashion Tips from Comic Strips Tumblr, which has some fantastic links to other sites, including ComicsAlliance, which has a weekly feature titled “Best Cosplay Ever.”

ComicsAlliance: Red Arrow & Kid Flash, cosplayed by Detailed-Illusion and RespectableSpecticle, photo by Abbie Warnock

ComicsAlliance: Miss Martian, cosplayed by Knightess Rouge, photo by Janet Drake

Consider the proverbial (or literal) gauntlet thrown.

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