Don’t you want to live in a Pierre Cardin-designed skyscraper? Did I mention it’s in Venice, Italy? 

At 90, couturier Cardin is still designing with an eye on the future. His proposed 60-story Palais Lumiere is on a site in Porto Marghera, five miles from Venice’s city center, and includes residences, hotels, a shopping center, restaurants, gardens, “swimming ponds and a helipad,” according to Architizer.


Construction is set to begin next year, but a group of architects and art historians are trying to shut the project down. One argument is that the weight of the $2.6 billion, 820-foot Palais Lumiere will require such deep foundations that would “break into the aquifer and further compromise the lagoon, where decades of pumping contributed to the city’s sinking over time,” Architizer said. 


Published Dec. 13, 2012 at