Italian mannequin maker Almax SpA has introduced a mannequin that not only looks great—it’s actually looking at you.

The EyeSee has a camera embedded inside that relays information to facial-recognition software, which captures information about anyone who’s looking back.

According to the company’s website, EyeSee mannequins will “make it possible to ‘observe’ who is attracted by your windows and reveal important details about your customers: age range; gender; race; number of people and time spent.”

At $5,130, (according to Bloomberg), the EyeSee is clearly for upscale retailers. It’s worth a visit to Almax’s website to see some of their other mannequins, which are stunning. Or you can drop by one of the company’s showrooms in Milan, Paris or on 34th Street in New York.

Maybe Almax can team up with robot pioneer Hiroshi Ishguro to create an EyeSee mannequin that will record your reaction when she winks at you.

I grabbed the above video of Ishiguro’s robot on display at Japanese department store Takashimiya from Engaget, which has another video of one of Ishiguro’s creations making her 2010 theatrical debut.


Published Dec. 13, 2012 at ApparelNews.net