This week we learned that supermodel (and famous non-eater)Kate Moss has designed a sushi box for a French sushi chain. Sure to become a collectors’ item for Moss fans, it’s important to note that the model is not designing the actual sushi inside. Althoughmodel-designed snack foods are, apparently, a thing.

Are fashion collaborations getting weirder? I headed straight to Google to find out.

Last December, fashion fans got TWO food-related designer collaborations. First, there was the Rodarte cup cozy and totebag for Starbucks.

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Then, the Neiman Marcus collection for Target included Band of Outsiders cookie cutters in the shape of men’s shoes and ties.


(Full disclosure: I fully considered buying these when I saw them on sale at my neighborhood Target during the heady, deep-discounted days after Christmas.)

I have a dim memory of a BCBG-designed car, but could find no Internet evidence. I did, however find a Citroen concept car designed by Lacoste. And it’s pretty cute. Sadly, like so many great but not practical fashions, it never made it to production.


And, of course, there’s Halston, who back in the ‘70s was a licensing pioneer. A quick search on Ebay turned up this vintage Halston bean-shaped soap dish, which is a little random. But you have to admit, for a beige, plastic, kidney bean-shaped soap dish, it’s pretty chic.


You can also get this vintage Halston bean-shaped perfume compact, if you were going for a Halston kidney bean-theme.


Perhaps Halston’s modern-day counterpart is Paul Frank, the So Cal brand whose Julius the monkey character turns up on everything from PJs and bikinis to ice cream and beach cruisers. (Thanks to BeachBikeOutlet.com for the photo.)


Of course, the undisputed king of random fashion licensing has got to be Christian Audigier, who saw opportunities for his brands everywhere.


Published at ApparelNews.net on March 22, 2013