Soccer player Robbie Rogers made headlines in February when he came out as gay shortly after retiring from professional football and leaving the Leeds United team.

The 25-year-old Southern California native already has moved on to his next career as a fashion writer for LA magazine Bello, which profiled Rogers last year.

His take on London and LA style appears in the current issue, which is available on iTunes.

Rogers’ take: “”LA and London both live by the motto “Dressing down is dressing up,” which he clarifies as meaning “It’s never cool to rock a corporate suite when going out in either city.”

The budding fashionista name drops a few labels suitable to wear in either city, including Hook & Albert, which he describes as “a good statement sock.” Clearly, he’s no rookie.

Here are a few of Rogers’ LA vs. London suggestions:



Published March 29, 2013 at ApparelNews.net