“The women’s looks are really all over the place—from super-short to the maxi,” said “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant.

“Mad Men” is back for its 6th season and everyone is talking about the new looks for several key characters. The debut takes place over New Year’s 1967, so expect a season of late-60s fabulousness.

The Cut has a fun interview and slideshow with costume designer Janie Bryant, who weighs in with some character insight.

Megan Draper

My favorite Bryant comment describing hirsute scene stealer Harry Crane: “I always loved his transformation from season one and season two, when he was in short sleeves and bow ties, to becoming Mr. Hollywood. He’s kind of douchey. I always think of his character as a wannabe, and so he’s easily influenced by fashion trends.”

Harry Crane

And there’s much, much more on AMC’s website, which includes a video with Bryant discussing what’s in several characters’ closets this season.

Bryant dishes on the Mod-print dress Megan Draper wears on the beach in Hawaii—found at “one of my favorite vintage stores in Los Angeles.” (Sadly, she does not say which store.)

“You can see how the ’70s got to be the ’70s by seeing the menswear in the late ’60s,” said “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant.

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