Hello Kitty really is everywhere. The Sanrio character that appears on everything from apparel to home décor is now emblazoned across the side of an EVA Air jet, which landed today at Los Angeles International Airport after an overseas flight from Taiwan.

EVA Air is operating weekly Taipei to LA flights on the Hello Kitty jet. The airline is also operating shorter-range Hello Kitty flights in Asia between Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Guam. Passengers on the Hello Kitty flights will receive Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage stickers; be assisted by flight attendants in pink Hello Kitty aprons; rest their heads on Hello Kitty pillows; avoid in-flight dehydration with Hello Kitty hand cream; shop for Hello kitty duty-free items while on-board and dine on Hello Kitty snacks using Hello Kitty utensils.

It’s really a total Hello Kitty immersion experience.

But it begs the question, where can Hello Kitty go from here?

Lauren Rojas, a seventh grader from Antioch, Calif., has already answered that question, when she launched Hello Kitty into space (well, not quite in space, but really, really high) earlier this year.

Published Sept. 18, 2013 at ApparelNews.net