Monkey brains and e-commerce. Trust me, there’s a connection.

When Dutch macaque anatomist Roxana Kooijmans needed a way to share her collection of monkey brains with other scientists, she turned to a StyleShoots, the tech company that makes an automated photography system for fashion e-commerce sites.


StyleShoots: Primate Brain Bank shoot vs. fashion demon

Kooijmans is a coordinator at the Primate Brain Bank, a Netherlands non-profit that“provides brain tissue to researchers who study how primate brains work,” according to PopSci.


StyleShoots: Primate Brain Bank



But to share this information with other researchers, Kooijmans needed high-res photos that could be uploaded to the Primate Brain Bank’s website. As luck would have it, Kooijmans’ husband is a developer who was working on the iPad app for StyleShoots.

Over the summer Kooijmans and her team used StyleShoots to photograph 46 primate brains, which have been uploaded to the Primate Brain Bank’s recently relaunched website—and StyleShoots captured the two-hour shoot on video.

If you want to see StyleShoots in action—with clothing, rather than primate brains—you can drop by StyleShoots’ new LA showroom, opening next week at the Cooper Design Space.

Focus Media Group, the New York–based company that distributes StyleShoots in the U.S., is will host grand opening parties on Nov. 19 and 20. There’s also a StyleShoots showroom in New York.

Photographing Primate Brains on Fashion Equipment by StyleShoots


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