Big fan of made in America? Show me your shoelaces.

If they’re not blue, Jake Bronstein wants you to change them.

The founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based men’s line Flint and Tinder ran into some trouble when he went shopping for shoelaces—every option was made offshore.


Jake Bronstein
Jake Bronstein

So he found a US manufacturer—Sole Choice, in Portsmouth, Ohio—to make shoelaces domestically. The super-strong, triple-braided laces are made from double-waxed cotton and have aluminum tips. The All American color lets customers show their support for made in USA manufacturing. To fund his idea, dubbed the Bluelace Project, Bronstein turned to Kickstarter. Within 10 hours, he met his $25,000 goal, according to Mother Nature Network.

Flint and Tinder’s collection of jeans, pants, boardshorts and woven shirts are 100 percent made in America. And Bronstein has a good track record crowdfunding made-in-America projects on Kickstarter. Last year, he launched a made-in-America men’s underwear line and a made-in-America sweatshirt under the name the 10-Year-Hoodie.

Bronstein says any donation will help the Bluelace cause, but $5 or more will get you a pair of the pretty blue laces—and a chance to wear your support for made in America manufacturing.


Published  Nov. 21, 2013 at