Sub_Urban Riot's "Kale" sweatshirt
Sub_Urban Riot’s “Kale” sweatshirt

Los Angeles brandSub_Urban Riotrecently got a nice shout out for one of its new T-shirt styles when Beyonce posted a Twitter selfie wearing Sub_Urban Riot’s “Kale” shirt.


I heard the news from the Sub_Urban Riot guys, Nate Koach and Jason Reed, when I met them (and snapped a photo of the collegiate-style sweatshirt) at the recent Pooltradeshow in Las Vegas.

Hips and Hair's booth at Pool
Hips and Hair’s booth at Pool
 While at Pool, I checked out the wares from Orange County tee brand Hips and Hair, whose “Too Dumb (Poor) for New York, Too Ugly (Poor) for LA” T-shirt made me (a former New Yorker and current Angeleno) LOL right there in the aisle.
LimoLand T-shirts at Capsule
LimoLand T-shirts at Capsule

The next stop was Capsule, where I spotted LimoLand’s “I Am Never Drinking Again” shirt, which seemed perfect for Vegas. Another favorite by LimoLand founder Johnny Pigozzi was the “I Still Live With My Parents” style.

LimoLand T-shirts
LimoLand T-shirts

And just imagine if the owner of Pigozzi’s “Do I Need to Buy More Art” tee bumped into the owner of Hips and Hair’s “I Make Art Because I’m Pissed that I Was Never in a Band” shirt.

Hips and Hair's "Make Art" tee
Hips and Hair’s “Make Art” tee


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